Who is Connect Energy

Saskatchewan-owned natural gas supplier dedicated to serving commercial and institutional customers throughout the province.

Currently supplying more than 6,000 customer locations in Saskatchewan including every health region, more than 140 municipal governments, and nearly every school division, as well as condominiums, manufacturers, hotels and businesses large and small.

The Connect Energy team has 80 years of combined experience serving Saskatchewan natural gas users since 1988. Connect Energy has aligned itself with a world class AA credit energy company that plays a strategic role in providing the most competitive energy purchasing options for Connect's clients. 

Our Team

Kelly Blanch, Managing Partner

Kelly has over 19 years experience as Marketing Manager and Senior VP supplying natural gas in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Roger Magneson, Partner

Roger began his career in the energy industry in 1985 as Rate Analyst with the Public Utilities Review Commission of Saskatchewan where he was involved in the regulation of natural gas and electricity rates charged by utilities. Prior to Connect Energy, Roger was employed with a leading natural gas supplier for 19 years in total and for the last 10 years as President. He was instrumental in pioneering direct purchase natural gas service with larger commercial, institutional, and small industrial gas users in the Province of Saskatchewan in the early years of gas deregulation. Later he worked with the utilities and other stakeholders in the three most western provinces to develop the terms of service that led to smaller commercial customers also being eligible to purchase natural gas in the open market.

E.J. Babey, Marketing Manager

E.J. has extensive experience from his role as a Gas Supply Representative and Marketing Manager in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. for the past 14 years.

Tecia Fincaryk, Operations Manager

Tecia brings with her a wealth of knowledge managing the wholesale supply hedges and gas flows to provide natural gas supply for customers with nearly 13 years of experience.

Tim Tkachuk, Senior Analyst, Operations

For more than 17 years, Tim has developed and managed the systems to exchange data with utilities, clients, and suppliers in order to provide seamless service to customers.

Mary Thorn, Controller

Mary brings to the company her 30 plus years as an accountant, providing management and stakeholders with the financial data required to support current operations and future initiatives.